Global Machinery Group
Group of Companies

Machines and complete systems of both processing and packaging equipment:

Confectionery Machines:

Food Machines:
Packaging and bottling
Cosmetic, pharmaceutical, various

- Chocolate moulding plants
- Chocolate making machines
- Ball mills
- Chocolate centres production
- Chocolate drops plants
- Tempering machines
- Enrobing lines
- Cocoa processing
- Nougat cooking/cutting/wrapping
- Fondant production machines
- Jelly/gummy production machines (mogul)
- Hard/soft candy production
- Bubble gum and chewing production lines
- Licorice production
- Instant production
- Croquant cooking/cutting
- Coating Pans
- Biscuit production lines
- Sponge cake, rolls production lines
- Cereal puffing machines
- Ice cream machines

- Cereal puffing
- Rice cake machines / tortitas de arroz, galletas
- Coffee roasting
- Extruders for cereal or potato snacks, healthy bars, baby food, breakfast cereals
- Dry pasta lines (short and long pasta)
- Bread making and baking

- Filling capping lines for cosmetics
- Filling capping lines for pharmaceuticals
- Filling capping lines for thick products
- Hot filling lines for depilatory wax
- Depilatory wax filling lines
- AutomaticFeedingSystem for rice cakes
- Packaging Machines for rice cakes
- Bottling, canning lines
- Filling lines for powder and granulated products
- Display-boxing line
- Assembling and packaging lines for diagnostic products
- Filling of sachets sealed on 4 sides
- Stand-up pouches filler
- Powder microdosing (antibiotics, vitamins, etc) in sterile class
- Tube filling machines
- Weighing - filling of sacks
- Vertical pillow pack, form fill seal
- Flow-pack machines
- Shrink wrapping machines
- Cellophane overwrapping machines
- Chocolate wrapping machines
- Forming/wrapping machines for butter
- Cartoning machines

- Tooth paste production plants
- Toilet soap bar production lines
- Cotton swabs machines
- Candle production machines
- Paper bag (shoppers) production machines
- Air-bubble film making machines

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